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The unique history of British Indian restaurants and take aways started back in 1810, a Bengali sailor and surgeon named Sake Dean Mohamed opened the first British Indian restaurant called the Hindoostane Coffee House in Central London. He saw the need to provide the colonial Brits, the taste that would enthuse their memories of the romantic Indian culture they had witnessed during the colonial years.

The modern-day British Indian cuisine owes their existence to those following Bangladeshi sailors. Many of whom were the ships cooks, began opening eateries in clusters around English ports in the late 1920s. These restaurants rapidly became places of Bangladeshi employment.

Today in Britain, approximately 75% to 80% of Indian restaurants are owned and run by Bangladeshi migrants. When people from the subcontinent first opened the curry houses in Britain, Indian was not yet partitioned into two separate states.

Later, Bangladesh seceded from India. The name Indian food stuck because it is associated with those old colonial days and its romance with India, the Raj, the Taj Mahal and the mystique.

The brand Curry Express, is all bout cleanliness in our open kitchens and keeping to the milder, traditional British-Indian cuisine taste that the Bangladeshi chefs perfected for the English palate over the last 100 years. All foods are freshly prepared to order and cooked the traditional way. This ensures we bring out the aromatic fragrances of the spices without being over spicy and too hot for western tastes. For those who prefer the hot and spicy Asian, vegetarian or vegan styles just ask! For the naan bread and tandoori cooking, we use the traditional clay oven which is visible for customers to see working in our clean open kitchens.


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